Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Getting There....


The kitchen flooring is completely finished and the kick boards are back on except where the dishwasher is, still need to fix that kick board back on. Our bedroom is now skimmed, sealed, coved and the glossing is done. Tomorrow my hubby is going to paint the ceiling, the next night paint the walls and then I am going to lay the new  underlay and carpet...yep! I'm rather good at carpet laying. After that is all done then all there is left to do before Christmas is to tile the kitchen walls, paint the stairs, landing and Adams bedroom and build up Adams desk, fit 4 new window sills and finish insulating the loft...THAT IS IT!
I bought James his new bedroom light shade and he loves it! It is a blue shade with the world map on it...gotta educate as much as!

Here is my list with one or two more things crossed off..WooHoo

Chimney Removed
Loft Window Installed
James' Bedroom Walls
James' Unerlay & Carpet
James New Lightshade
James' New Desk
James' Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams New Desk
Adams Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams Bedroom Walls
Adams New Bedroom Carpet (probably next year, he got a new carpet about 2 year ago)
Our bedroom Walls
Our Bedroom New Window Sill
Our bedroom Carpet
Our New Lightshade
Tile Kitchen Floor
Tile Kitchen Under Cupboard Wall Tiles
Kitchen Under Cupboard Lights - 1 left to do
Replace Back Garden Fence Post
Replace Front Garden Gate Posts
Paint Front Door
Paint 2 Little Windows
Paint Stairs, Hall and Landing
New Carpet Stairs and Landing (probably next year for this)
Insulate remaining Loft
Carpet Loft (probably next year)
Livingroom New Window Sill

We are all coming down with colds, James is the worst at the moment..poor little thing!

I am going to weigh in tomorrow and stick to my eating plans so I can lose some weight before Christmas is here, 5 weeks.


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