Sunday, 11 November 2012

Full House

The house is a total mess and hardly no room because we have things from the bedroom and kitchen here, there and anywhere there is a space and even more mess because myself and my hubby are busy putting the laundry washing machine and fridge/freezer back in place but then a knock at the door, Adam's friend, Ivan. They sit and have a chat, then another knock at the door, it's our GORGEOUS eldest son, Michael with his four children, our GORGEOUS grandchildren....even less room of what room there was. Another knock at the door, it's my Mam and step Dad...FULL HOUSE! And we LOVED IT!!

Okay, our machines are back in place, we had to do a little bit of woodwork also...all done.
I have a whole heap of laundry which I am trying to get through.
We still have the rest of the kitchen floor to grout and then start the wall tiling but for now my hubby is doing more work in our bedroom...I know, having two jobs going at once probably isn't the right way but whilst some of the floor tiles were drying my hubby took advantage of not being able to do anything else until those tiles had dried so he decided to strip the bedroom walls and now he can just get on with prepping the walls ready for skimming.

I can get a lot of things put back into the kitchen now which will give us some space but I have to remember that we still have to finish the floor grouting and the wall tiles need doing yet.
I want to get my fridge sorted and cleaned and I wanted the kitchen floor  finished or done enough to put the fridge/freezer back in place because I knew I was going to be doing a big grocery shop in a few days.

Okay that is the latest up to now for today but if there is anything else then I will come back later, but if not then I will be back tomorrow.


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