Monday, 5 November 2012

Guy Fawkes

I hope everyone is being sensible tonight! And having fun!
I can hear all the fireworks going off all over the area.
Kids are collecting wood from next door which he has put out for the kids to collect to build their bon (sp?) fires, not something I would condone because it is kids building these fires and setting them alight with no adult supervision but my next door neighbours don't seem to have a brain cell between them.
I can hear emergency service sirens belting down the main road at the top of my avenue, not something I like to hear!

My kitchen is even harder to use now what with the dishwasher in the middle of the floor and my fridge/freezer pulled out also, and not to step on certain tiles because they aren't set yet.
I have been emptying my bedroom today ready for revamping and it is now as good as empty and my hubby is busy stripping the walls. The house is such a mess but I know it will be GORGEOUS! And worth the mess when it is done! Shouldn't be too much longer!

Today all I have eaten is the rest of the Cheesie kale chips and a couple of raw bars, and for my evening meal I did have some cooked rice, and that is it! Not fully raw and by no means the best food day. I have washed a head of lettuce to make my husbands lunch sandwiches for tomorrow and hopefully there will be some left for my lunch tomorrow.

One of my cats is snoring away...heehee she always does.

Okay, I may get back later tonight but if not then I hope you have a good evening and stay safe!


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