Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Another Day

It is really cold today!
We are going to get the dishwasher plumbed back in tonight and then pull out our laundry machine and tile the rest of the floor. When that is dry we just need to grout then push the laundry machine and fridge/freezer back and then grout the rest of the floor...can't wait! I'm done with the mess in the kitchen is such pain trying to use my kitchen at the moment with all the mess BUT! Not forgetting that we still need to tile the walls but that wont be half as inconvenient or as long a job as the floor tiling....thank goodness!

I have just drank a mug of Shazzie's Raw Hot Chocolate drink and it is strong as raw cacao goes so I added, or rather I creamed together a touch of almond milk and 2 heaped teaspoons of raw chocolate powder first and then I added a touch of agave then the hot (not boiling) water and I have to say, it is DELICIOUS! Creamy and thick-ish! I recommend Shazzie's Raw Hot Chocolate. I may post a pic of the made chocolate drink later because no doubt I will be having another mug later.
Click on the link on the right of this post to check out Shazzie's Raw Hot Chocolate and other products.

I might be visiting my Mam tonight, she has been in hospital today for some unpleasant tests so if she feels up to a visit then we are going tonight.

That is me for now, so I will try to get back later tonight with a pic.


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