Thursday, 8 November 2012


As some of you know, my Dad passed away in January this year from colon cancer and yesterday I was telling you that my Mam had to have some unpleasant tests done yesterday, well, the doctors have found a blockage in my Mam's bowels and it is looking like cancer. I just can't quite take this in and I was very upset when my Mam told me. She has to have more tests etc next week. My Mam is an optimist which I am so pleased about and she is certainly looking on the bright side and that an operation to remove the bad part and she will be fine and that is what we are all looking at!

This confirms to me even more that I need to stick to raw and drink juices daily!!!! I am getting a new Breville juicer for Christmas.
I will be doing a small grocery shop on Saturday but I do have enough raw foods, fruit and veg in the fridge anyway and I have made a small Raw Living order for raw snacks because I am a snacker and I do like a snack and I would of course rather have a fruit or raw food snack. There has been more chocolates in the house these couple of weeks so at least when I have raw items to hand then instead of a processed snack I will grab a raw snack when the craving strikes.
I have told my sons that I am going to be buying them far less sugary processed snacks from now on and I will encourage them to eat raw snacks.

I didn't make another Shazzie Chocolate drink yesterday but if I do tonight then I will take a pic of just how frothy and appetising I make it.

My hubby is finishing off laying the kitchen floor tiles now, we didn't get them done yesterday because as you know we went to visit my Mam and step Dad last night but now as well as my fridge/freezer being out in the middle of the floor so is my laundry washing machine also. The floor should be pretty much complete, grouting and cleaning all done by the about Monday...PHEW!! But whilst the kitchen floor cement is drying my hubby is going to get on with more of our bedroom, makes sense to me!

I think that is all for today so I will be back tomorrow. Nighty Night.


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