Monday, 12 November 2012


I have managed to sort of give you an idea of my new kitchen floor. The picture below is a BEFORE picture. I took it just before we moved the fridge/freezer to be able to take the rest of the laminate flooring up.

The picture below is the AFTER picture. The tiles are layed and grouted. We still have some grouting to do yet. Big difference and better, what do you think?

I received a Raw Living order this morning...YUM!
Vanilla Snackaroon (macaroons)
Date & Cashew snacks
Cheesie Purple Kale Chips
Raw Velvet Cakelet
This is the first time I have bought and tried the Cakelet and it is SOOO YUMMY! I will buy those again. I have bought all these items except the cakelet before, some of them a couple of times.

I was suprised when I opened the cakelet to see how pretty it is! It was nicely wrapped also, you can see it in the green paper and ribbon above.

Here is the cakelet cut open, it had four layers.
Biscuit layer
Caramel layer
Chocolate mousse layer
Chocolate layer then topped with a raw heart chocolate and a few rose buds.

Notice I said it HAD four layers...teehee - yes, I scoffed it all today, but it was only a tiny little cakelet:)

Octavia Silverline
Other news. We are getting a new car this week. We have a Toyota Celica which I absolutely LOVE! We have had the Celica for 10 years and it is now time to get a new car, so we are getting the above, an Octavia. This is a picture of the actual car we are getting.
BELOW is a picture of the Celica. This isn't a pic of our actual car, ours is a tad tattier than this because our paint work was due a re-spray and our alloys are going a tad tatty also but our car is exactly the same as this, and colour.
My hubby is plastering our bedroom walls, he has one wall done up to now, I'm not sure if he is doing any more tonight.


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