Thursday, 23 February 2012


So much for my 66 Day Raw Spring Challenge starting.Tomorrow is my day to start.

I weighed in this morning; details on my weigh in page, now I know where I am starting from. Not only am I wanting to release excess weight but I also want to gain more health...HEY! I have noticed that I am needing afternoon sleeps less and less, infact, I have not slept at all through the day all this week...WooHoo

I received a few goodies so here are the pics:

2 Jars of Artisana Coconut Butter and a new book...I LOVE books, books and DVD's!

5kg Buckwheat, 5kg Oat Groats and a small 500g bag of Wheat Berries

Another NEW sprouter; a Lexen sprouter.

I have Biosnacky sprouting jars, a Biosnacky Mini Greenhouse round sprouter, garden trays for sprouting and I even have my Freshlife Automatic Sprouter, but I wanted a sprouter that does it all; wheatgrass and sprouts, and this Lexen will do just that all in the one unit instead of having sprouters and soil filled garden trays on the go all at once and all over my kitchen, ANNND I can sprout wheatgrass soiless. I know that growing wheatgrass in soil is better for the nutrients to feed the wheat berries, but the less mess the better, and I will still get loads of nutrients etc from soiless wheatgrass.

Back later or tomorrow....check back.


bitt said...

budget book looks good, please summarize any important findings there!

happy sprouting!

Raw Bluebells said...

I will. It is a sort of workbook with a raw food curriculum and to help with all things raw; raw food recipes, storing food, preparing food etc.

Hugs friend :)

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