Friday, 24 February 2012

DAY 1 - 66 Day Spring Challenge....

WoooHooo - Finally starting my, '66 Day Raw Food Spring Challenge' or a re-boot to raw food/lifestyle....yeah baby!

Up and showered and then I had a banana.

8.00am Banana.
OOps! I nodded off. I haven't slept through the day at all all week but this morning it got the better of me, maybe the week has just caught up with me.

12.50pm another banana - I need to make something more substantial, i'm feeling a tad hungry. I have so many recipes that I find it so overwhelming sometimes and I end up not bothering at all, maybe I should pick out 20 favourite recipes and stick with those for a time.

Lunch: 3 of my tomato flax crackers , guacamole, sliced tomato and 2 Sharon fruit.

I actually went back for another tomato flax cracker and guacamole...YUM!
I am going to get some wheatgrass growing in my NEW Lexen sprouter today. I have soaked and started the wheatgrass sprouting - the tails are there so it just needs to go into the sprouter now.

4.30pm Banana
4.45pm Glass of orange juiced that I squeezed using my citrus press...YUMCIOUS!
6.30pm 2 tiny Sharon fruit
7.50pm Evening meal: Salad and I made some raw cheese did I make that? It even tastes exactly like cheese savoury...yum, yum, YUUUUM!

Raw Cheese Savoury

10.05pm....I know, a tad late in the day but I had 4 pieces of raw Peanut Butterscotch Fudge Bites. The recipe is Tina Jo's which you can purchase from her web site.

Well, that is me for today. No exercise done today....*slap*

 Back Tomorrow


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