Monday, 13 February 2012

An Average Day

Up and showered etc at my usual time, 6.25am. I didn't have the best of sleeps last night, I was just cat napping all night....ummm
I'm not sure what to have for breakfast this morning, I would normally grab a couple of bananas first thing just to sustain any hunger pangs until I knew what I wanted, or should I say, until I knew what I could be bothered to make or even get the time to make but I haven't any bananas...BooHoo I have run out of a lot of produce so we are going for a big grocery shop this week.

I stripped my bedding when I got up and that is in the washing machine, I also want to get some vacuuming done and floors cleaned today. These are some of Tuesday's jobs but I am trying to get ahead because we will be busy later in the week getting our big grocery shop which takes me into many different shops and takes a little bit of time.


  • Clean Bathroom and bathroom loo.
  • Clean downstairs loo
  • Clean patio doors/patio windows/Kitchen Window & Back Door
  • Clean 1 kitchen cupboard
  • Change beds
  • Vacuum bedrooms
  • Vacuum stairs and landing
  • Polish bedroom furniture
  • Vacuum along front door
  • Vacuum inside the livingroom furniture - under the cushions etc
  • Vacuum under furniture
I want to start again and follow my beauty rota - Oh! And use my slendertone daily, I will measure my so called waist....teehee before I start to use it....REGULARLY!

As each day goes by I am feeling more and more positive.

Oats, dates and almond milk is what I had for Breakfast. I did eye up the rich tea biscuits but instead of allowing myself to get any more hungry and nose dive into the packet of rich tea I made my oat breakfast, I'm now glad I did.

Well, I have got a garlic bread, a plain bread and a tray of flax crakcers into my dehydrator. I am going to put some strawberry and vanilla flax crackers into the dehydrator tomorrow. I could have put the sweet crackers into the dehydrator along with the garlic bread...apparently BUT I prefer to keep sweet and savoury seperate in the dehydrator. I must start and take pics of the recipes I make, taken at each step throughout the recipe. I might be also making some cupcakes tomorrow and if I do I will try to take the pics at each step.

I didn't manage to get all the jobs done today but I will finish them tomorrow along with Wednesday's housework. It feels good when I try to stick to my rota's.

I am now going to go up the wooden ladders, wooden hill, upstairs....whatever...teehee and watch some TV  in bed.

Back tomorrow.


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