Friday, 3 February 2012

RIP My Gorgeous, Lovely Daddy

I was reminded of this song today whilst saying bye, bye to my Dad. My Dad used to sing this to us when we were kids. During the funeral the vicar talked about a song my Dad used to sing to us kids (My brother, myself and my 2 younger sisters) when we were young and immediately I looked at my husband and said, "Two Little Boys" I remembered it at that moment, this song is so my Dad, he would help anyone.
Here it is. "This is for you Dad, I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!"

The vicar went on to say that my dad couldn't cook...and I have to say, he couldn't...teehee but she then said but he could cook one thing, I again looked at my husband and said, "poatao cakes", the vicar then said, potato did make me giggle. I remember we used to ask my dad often if he would make us potato cakes....he made a mean potato cake!! I have tried to make them myself but can't make them quite like my dad did.


My eldest son, Michael's partner has gone into labour today, so our second grandson should be arriving soon, we haven't heard anything yet.


Our grandson has arrived. He was born at 8.57pm and weighed 8lb 8oz...big baby. They don't have a name for him yet. Pictures will come soon. "Happy Birthday" to our new grandson. We now have 4 grandchildren.

Back tomorrow.


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