Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you all have a LOVELY Valentines Day! ♥ My husband wrote me a poem. He is EXCELLENT at writing poems! So much better than poems that are already in cards, infact, he should write the insides of cards, he truly is that GOOD! I always ask him to write me a poem/verse for my Birthdays and our Anniversaries.

Anyway, I have had a chia porridge for breakfast again this morning. I need to get on with some housework. I have put Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's rota's below and crossed out what I have done. I know it's only Tuesday but I'm trying to get ahead slightly. I want to try to get some beauty in today...WooHoo AND I am thinking of getting a bit of exercise in today also...HEY! GO ME!!


  • Clean Bathroom and bathroom loo
  • Clean downstairs loo
  • Clean patio doors/patio windows/Kitchen Window & Back Door
  • Clean 1 kitchen cupboard
  • Change beds
  • Vacuum bedrooms
  • Vacuum stairs and landing
  • Polish bedroom furniture
  • Vacuum along front door
  • Vacuum inside the livingroom furniture - under the cushions etc
  • Vacuum under furniture
  • Clean Kitchen Cupboards fronts
  • Clean Ovens
  • Wash furniture covers - I don't need to wash these this time.
  • Bleach kitchen sinks

OOps! I fell asleep. I haven't been sleeping the best over the last couple of nights.

Back later ♥


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