Saturday, 11 February 2012

Good Buys

Dandy Blend...WOW! Worth every single penny! It is FABULOUS! And yes, it DOES taste just like coffee; a refreshing, healthy tasting coffee drink, BUT! - Isn't there always a but? But! It isn't entirely raw. Ingredients: Extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and beetroot. Going from coffee to dandy Blend is easy - there are no withdrawal symptoms.
I first discovered Dandy Blend on Dara Dubinet's You Tubes; she uses Dandy Blend.

I had a little buy today. I needed a new chopping board, although there is nothing wrong with the chopping boards I have except for the size. I have the 'Joseph&Joseph' coloured chopping boards which were not cheap by any means but I needed a different sized chopping board.
Joseph&Joseph are excellent for new innovative kitchen equipment. Do check them out on the linked name.
I'm am not knocking Joseph&Joseph because they are very good and I do have a few things from them, I just needed a different sized chopping board

This is a pic of one of the Joseph&Joseph board/s

Here is a pic of my new chopping board bought today with a Joseph&Joseph chopping board on top....check out the difference in sizes.
Whenever I was chopping foods on the smaller boards the food would spill off over the boards.
My new board measures 50 x 36 x 3 THAT'S BIG!

A tad difficult to see because I put my new chopping board on top of my wooden work station/island....Durrr...teehee
Click on the pic to enlargen.

I am going to go into my kitchen now and make some orange and clemintine juice - so yummy!I am also going to make some almond milk tonight and use the pulp for raw bread, Russell James' raw bread. I am feeling a tad in the mood for making raw cupcakes also.

Back later or tomorrow.


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