Saturday, 4 February 2012

Need To Do This...FOCUS!!

I am getting back on track as of tomorrow; Sunday 5th February 2012. I want to be healthy, although I don't feel great at the moment with grieving for my dear dad, I do know that I need to focus on my health, so tomorrow I'm back on track with raw food and rota's, yes, including exercise. I will also be posting the pics of the foods and or recipes that I make.

Today we went to see our new grandson at home...WOW! When a lady has a baby nowadays they are allowed home with baby the same day or the next at the latest depending on what time the baby was born, I remember when I had my sons I had to stay in hospital and with my eldest son the norm was to be in hospital for the week.
The new baby is GORGEOUS! He has quite a bit of dark brown hair, and of course he pulls the most amazing faces...teehee I think they have finally agreed on, Jayden for the baby's name.

Well, I think that is all for now so I will be back tomorrow.


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