Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 3

Up at 8am-ish.
11.10am Banana
Feeling tired today.

I am going to make 2 loaves of Russell James' raw garlic bread this afternoon, one of which I will make plain.

Yep, we had a lie down...for about 4 hours...unbelievable!! When we woke up around 4.15pm-ish I confess to grabbing 4 rich tea plain biscuits.
4.30pm banana
8.00pm 1 teeny tiny Yorkshire pudding. After having a couple rich tea and a small yorkshire I immediately took myself in hand and thought NO MORE! So for my evening meal I had a gorgeous fruit salad at 9pm then at 9.30pm raw fudge...YUM!!

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bitt said...

Love Russell James's garlic bread, it's so good! sounds like you are on a good track. fatigue could be detox.

Raw Bluebells said...

Thankyou Bitt, yeah the fatigue might be the detox because I haven't slept half as much as I normally do lately but today, WOW! I felt SOO tired.

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