Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Second Organic Vegetable Box

I got up at 6.00am , showered, ate a banana and caught up a tad online, and then I got to one of the living room blinds, windows, sill and window frame. After cleaning the living room windows and blind I then tackled the front door blind, door panes and door. I then gave my Tassimo drinks machine a good cleaning and I then started the laundry. I really feel like I have accomplished something today.
I am not feeling tired so much over these last few days...YeeHaa.
I wanted to get some cleaning done before I set out to the farm to collect my second veg bag/box. I wanted to be there for 1.00pm which is also the time from when we can collect our veg.
Here is my second veg bag/box:

I haven't got the list of everything that is in this weeks veg bag/box because the farm haven't updated their website yet for, 'what's in your bag this week', although, most of it is pretty obvious, but I have to say that I'm not sure if the bag at the back is kale, it looks like it.
I got a pumpkin in this weeks bag but I am not sure how to use it in raw...time to google, unless anyone has any idea's?
I am so pleased I have given some of you a giggle with my previous post, 'HAHAHAHA', oven post!! I still keep thinking how SOO pleased I am that it is working and how mad that was that it was working all the time and that I was just too dopey to even check the clock....crazy!! We live and learn and BOY! Have I learnt from this! :):)
My hubby and his work colleague's often say to my hubby that I should be a blonde, well, I am getting that way, a natural blonde....yes siree, a nice silvery, grey type of blonde :) I don't mind, I'm happy which is all that matters!!
Okay I am doing more cleaning tomorrow and maybe a raw sprout salad recipe. I am also wanting to make a coleslaw using the cabbage and carrots....YUM!
I will be back with photos of what I make.


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