Friday, 22 November 2013


This is SOOO funny!! :)
It all started an easy 12+ years ago.
I have a double oven and about 12+ years ago I went to use it one day..........nothing!.......zilch!......nada!! fan! noise! light! nothing!.....AH! BUT WAIT!....WooHooo the bottom oven still worked.....ummmm - okay I can use the bottom oven.....AAARRGGGHHH!......IT HAD STOPPED WORKING.....A BIG FAT NOTHING!!......SCREEAAM :( Okay, until I can afford to buy a new oven or get it fixed I will use the little convection bench top oven for a while...GREAT! And saves on energy.
Over the years I have needed the bigger oven and I have been rather restricted when the family have wanted me to cook something in particular, don't get me wrong those bench top ovens are FANTASTIC! And over the last 12+ years we have used them so much that we have actually gone through about 4 now and I am currently using a round halogen bench top oven that my Dad bought for us for Christmas 2011 before he passed away in the January 2012. That was what my Dad was like, despite him being very ill and dying he would still make sure he didn't miss Christmas for anyone.

Right, after grumping at my husband over the last so many years to google as to how to test the oven to check if there is power still going to it, I finally got fed up and googled it myself this afternoon. I left the page on and asked my husband again to just take a look. He then started watching a video about the clock/timer on ovens. We both sat and watched it and then got up and went into the kitchen to....well, just check....WE COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! I turned the clock and VOILA!! My double oven works, both ovens and grill, the LOT!! IT ALL WORKS!...WOOOHOOO - after all these years and all it needed was the clock altered...can you believe it? We both just burst out laughing, how could I have been so dim over these years and never give it a thought to just check the clock/timer.
I am now going to have to make my husband his home made sweet mince pies on Christmas Eve, he hates the bought ones...I have just given myself more work :)

I have cleaned a cupboard in my kitchen today, so that is a tad more done.

I have once again had All Bran for breakfast this morning and I am happy to say that it is still doing the really wanted to know that now didn't you?...*Snigger*

Well, time to make the family their evening meal, they want curry and rice and my little James has already told me that I can now bake him some scones, now that we have our ovens working again....he is just too quick that little man:)

Might get back later today but if not then I will be back tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Linda, this is HILARIOUS!!!! I'm laughing right along with you!!! Thanks for sharing; laughter is good medicine!

M (bliss) :)

Raw Bluebells said...

I am still thrilled to bits but I am so dopey sometimes :) All these years and I have kept looking at new ovens and every time we have gone into stores that have ovens I always say, "Oh I would LOVE a new oven, an oven that just works" little did I know my oven did work all the time....DOH!
I was out in the car one day picking something up from a shop for my hubby but I also wanted to go to the city, so I sat there outside the shop that I had just been into and I thought, and thought but could I think of the way to get to the city from where I was, so, I came home and started my journey again to the city....DOH DOH!!....Well, I did need to go to the loo anyway, and I don't like public loo's....any excuse eh?! :):) I am definitely a blonde in disguise...but becoming more and more a natural blonde with each passing day :):)

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