Friday, 29 November 2013

Cuisnart, Cleaning & Christmas

Last night I made a batch of the protein balls, but first I had to make some cashew butter and because I was only making a 1/4 C measure of cashew butter I used my little Cuisinart mini food processor and as usual it worked great. After use I washed and put it back together and pressed the button...NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA...BooHoo it isn't working and no! It doesn't have a clock on it!!....HeeHee
I bought it from Costco about 2 years ago and they are still happy to exchange or refund. I wanted an exchange but they don't have them now. I will buy another very soon.

Well, I have cranked up the Christmas music....I'm a bit of a heel like that...:) and I am cleaning the kitchen blinds. I use strong bleach water and they clean up lovely as always. I have the livingroom vertical blinds in the washing machine, I have also taken down the livingroom curtains and they will be cleaned.
I am having a break from cleaning the kitchen blinds, I am only halfway through cleaning the kitchen blinds which are huge, so I suppose I better get back to it.

It took me most of the day to get those kitchen blinds cleaned.
I asked my hubby to pop into Tesco this afternoon to buy a couple of bottles of bleach for more deep cleaning, and some sweet onions because I am wanting to make some onion rings in my dehydrator, so I have those now.

Oh! I have had to start steaming my sinuses again today because when I sat up in bed this morning the blummin dizziness was back and as you know, unless I nip it in the bud asap it can last about 7 weeks and 7 weeks of being dizzy is not my idea of fun and it HAS lasted for 7 weeks before, but most of the times it has lasted for around 5-ish weeks. It makes me feel sick and generally unwell all the time, so this morning after my shower I immediately steamed and I steamed again tonight. I will keep steaming until my sinuses are easier and the dizziness has gone/doesn't come back......until the next flare up that is :/
When I get sinus trouble it tends to ache my gums/teeth so I am going to buy some Sudafed in the morning and make an appointment at my dentists, just to make sure. The Sudafed usually stops the discomfort but dental checks are always an extra safety precaution.

I have cleaned the kitchen venetian blinds and the livingroom vertical blinds today. I also managed to do about two loads of laundry, so not a bad day. More cleaning tomorrow :)

Well that is me for today.


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