Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Organic Vegetable Box

I am off to collect my first organic vegetable box/bag in an hour or so, can't wait! I will pop back with photo's later to show what is in it.

I am going to get some of my kitchen cupboards sorted and cleaned today. I usually pull everything out of my cupboards every year and sort and clean them and it is amazing just how much they need a sort out by the next year, of course I sort and clean things like food cupboards a couple of times a year, that is a must!!.

I have had my All Bran this morning which is not my favourite but if it works then I'm happy!

Back later today with pics!!!!!!!!!!


My veg bag this week.

What was is in my veg bag this week?





brussels sprouts

leaf Beet/Swiss Chard

I also requested 1lt of organic apple juice, pressed at the farm and a jar of local honey.
I have NEVER had Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke), Celeriac or Mizuna before so by buying these veg bags it is going to encourage me and us to try new things...BRILLIANT!!
I have bought celeriac before but it has ended up being thrown away but there is NO WAY ANY of this is going to end up thrown away..NO WAY, NOT NO HOW!!

I have had to google how to use the Jerusalem Artichoke and Mizuna. I am going to try the Jerusalem Artichoke a little at a time because apparently it can give us wind....Pffft :) I don't want that!! It is apparently a cross between a potato and a jicama; we don't get jicama here in the UK. :( The Jerusalem Artichoke is nutrient dense and has prebiotic properties.
About Jerusalem Artichokes.

Feel free to give me any recipe links or idea's for using the celeriac, Jerusalem Artichoke and Mizuna etc.

We have been having thunder and lightening here this afternoon and it blackened right over...cozy :)

Back later today but if not then I will be back tomorrow :)


I sliced the organic onion and gently fried them. I roasted a sweet potato that I bought from Asda a few days ago for myself and I washed and roasted the three organic potatoes for my husband and sons. I grated one of the organic carrots and added raw cashews and cranberries and mixed those for a carrot salad. I sliced the remaining organic carrots and gently boiled them for my family.....should have steamed them...umm. I cooked up a few sausages to serve up with the veg.
I served up gently boiled sliced carrots, sausages, fried onions and the jacket potatoes for my family and I had the meal below....YUM!!

Back tomorrow people :)


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