Tuesday, 19 November 2013

5 Weeks Left Until.....

Christmas...Oh my goodness, how quick is that?! So, as of tomorrow I am going to do as well as I can between now until Christmas and aim to lose 10lb or better still, my 10% goal, now that would be GREAT!!

I am unable to eat a raw breakfast for the foreseeable future because of constipation. I am completely fed up with being constipated all the time which in turn makes me feel rather unwell all the time which feeling unwell could be down to a build up of toxins in my body....I AM SICK AND FED UP WITH IT!!! So I have been having All Bran in the mornings and it is making things more regular and SOOO much more comfortable. I would much rather not have a raw breakfast and eat All Bran than rely on Senocot or some other laxative, All Bran is the lesser of two evils as far as raw food is concerned. I know I could take psyllium every day, been there, done that and it didn't make any difference. The only thing that is making the difference up to now is eating one bowl of All Bran daily. I sometimes have a sliced banana with it and one morning I poured on coconut milk.
Eating raw does help regulate things but it only seems to do that for so long and then it becomes difficult for me again but the All Bran seems to be doing the trick daily at the moment.

I had my lady test last week and I was telling the nurse all about the hot flashes and missing my monthly's which I missed again last month and she too told me that it is the start of the menopause. So the doctor and the nurse are telling me that I am definitely peri-menopausal. Apparently the menopause is not complete until I have missed a period for 1 year and then they call it done. She told me that if I am having trouble with it all that I can be prescribed medication for it but there are side affects, I told her that I will just persevere with it and that I would rather not be taking any more medication than I already am for other things, so on I go for the next however many years. I sort of don't mind because at least if I wanted I could still have another baby...NOT that I would but it is just nice knowing :)

I have signed up for a weekly vegetable box and tomorrow (Wednesday 20th November) is my first box...WooHoo....and all organic. I have opted to collect my box direct from the farm which will give me something to do and somewhere to go ANNND I get a £1 reduction for each veg box collected...that'll do me, thankyou! Every penny helps :)

I am starting my deep Christmas clean around the house this week, a tad earlier than last year I think, but all good!

I made a few naughty treats last week but first I had to make some raw cashew butter which I whipped up in just a few minutes using my dinky little Cuisinart mini food processor/chopper.

This was a recipe that Jason Wrobel AKA J-Wro made on his You Tube.
Here is J-Wro's recipe below. J-Wro is SOOO funny and he has loads of raw recipe's on his You Tube.

I used vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder and plain cereal. They tasted great! And I will make them again!

Back tomorrow! :)


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