Monday, 4 November 2013

How Time Flies

How time flies eh!
Well, what has been going on with me/us over this last month! Well, We have been very busy with the conservatory which is pretty much done except for buying and laying new tiles for the floor, installing a socket and a few other internal finishing offs which we are doing ourselves. We need to give the outside a good clean also. We then need to lay new patio flag stones in front of the conservatory but all this is going to have to wait until early next year, we have Christmas to think about now.
The guy who we got to erect the conservatory has dragged out the conservatory build, something that should have taken a week or so has taken weeks ANNND we have all had to pitch in, he is the one we are paying. He is supposed to come back and do another job on the conservatory but my hubby has done it instead...not happy with the guy, we've had enough now. I was saying the build should have taken a weekend but I suppose longer because he did have to lay a whole new floor for the conservatory and to be built on.

Here are the photo's of the conservatory to date.

I found a new fruit a couple of weeks ago that I have NEVER seen in the UK before. Custard Apple.

I bought 3 packs :) yum!!

That is all for today and yep, I will get back tomorrow.


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