Sunday, 2 September 2012


I wanted to say as to why I haven't been around daily, and the reason is that I have been battling depression, it has been flaring up quite badly. I am taking anti-depressants and have been for a number of years now.
This flare up of depression has not been helped by my bad eating. I have been in a vicious circle of not eating right but wanting to get myself back on track but because of not eating right I have been finding it harder to get off that vicious roundabout to eat right and help myself...thats my theory anyway, or maybe there is more to it again, I don't know. Depression can just take over you as and when it chooses. Depression is always there with a sufferer but it can get a harder and nastier grip when it chooses, it is a constant battle really. I feel the anti-depressants do help take the edge off a really bad depression, help us to handle life but I don't feel they make everything fine and dandy but then life was never meant to be and is never going to be easy.

I have got to think positive! So tomorrow is my day, and my first small challenge is to be raw throughout September hence today's blog title - RAWTEMBER! Small challenges is what I am aiming for now.

I done a body scrub in the shower this morning which is part of helping myself get back into the swing of things.
September is my Rawtember.

Back tomorrow..night


bitt said...

I feel for you. What I eat makes a big difference in my mood too. Have you looked into candida? It can cause depression. Of course it's not the only cause, but if you feel eating makes it worse, it's worth trying to treat the candida. I am glad you are doing something nice for yourself. Hang in there.

Raw Bluebells said...

Thankyou Bitt. You could be right about candida, I will research it, thankyou. XO

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