Friday, 24 August 2012

In No Uncertain Terms...

Are my family to offer me ANYTHING to eat that is not raw! I have made this quite clear to them all! Even my mam.

I have reset my count ups to start as of midnight tonight and my pics will be posted of my raw food choices, not all of them because who wants to see a repeat of a glass of smoothie every day? Not I for one!
I know I still need to post my new wooden bowl pics and I have another pic I want to share with you of a drawing I done years ago, about 25 years ago actually.

I am going to do more in my kitchen tomorrow because I still haven't pulled my washing machine out to clean underneath it yet. I need to empty the cupboard under our kitchen sink tomorrow also because our kitchen taps have become loose but it will give me a chance to clean that cupboard again. My hubby also needs to tighten our bathroom hot tap because for some reason that too has become loose.

I am going to definitely start Russell James' raw chef classes tomorrow which is the salad and dressings which includes salad toppings. I needed tamarind for some of his recipes which I managed to find in Tesco's, now, I have never tried tamarind before so I am a tad dubious about trying it but apparently it is like a sweet n sour taste and I like sweet n sour so it SHOULD be nice....more on Russell James's course and tamarind tomorrow.

Nighty night


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