Monday, 20 August 2012

This and That

It has been a mixture of things lately. I have just finished taking my last antibiotic that I was prescribed last week. I had yet another lump on the back of my neck which is now a total of 4 lumps I have had in and on my body over these last few year. I have had two operations to remove lumps from inside my body; one in my neck at my collar bone and the other in my belly which fortunately were both benign and now this is the second lump which is more on my neck. These lumps have been cysts. The lump in my belly resulted in the surgeon having to remove other inside parts; a tube and ovary along with the what turned out to be a big cyst. as it happened I wasn't too bothered about having other parts removed, what was, was. I was prescribed antibiotics this time because this latest cyst on the back of my neck had become infected. These antibiotics have been making me visit the little girls room loads for a number 1 yet my belly is SOO bloated and just looks extra big.....ummm. You really wanted to know all that didn't you?! NOT! :)

Right then, onto other things. I was using my Cuisinart food processor last night; I was making sauerkraut but when I was only half way through grating carrot the thing decided to just STOP! That was it and no matter what we done and how long we left it there was no way it was going to start again so I had to finish making the sauerkraut using my Tefal machine. I am rather upset about my Cuisinart because it is just 2 year old and was rather expensive so my hubby rang Cuisinart today and they are going to replace it for a new cuisinart, of the same model of course, which just happens to be the latest FAB machine. Cuisinart do give a 20 year gaurantee which I am very pleased about!!

As I said above I have been making sauerkraut; a sundried tomato/italian style kraut and a kraut with asian pear in. I added probiotics also as suggested by Cafe Janae, she is wonderful and has lots of fab raw recipe's. I am also going to make her coconut yogurt. I have already made Russell James' coconut yogurt and that is SOO delicious! Speaking of Russell James, I bought some cheese papers which arrived this morning for when I make his cheeses. Russell wraps his in cheese paper and finds they store better and for longer in the fridge.
I have also purchased Russells Dessert course so I will be going through all of that and making his recipe' this space!! I am going to start again with his courses and I am thinking of starting tomorrow with his main course - week 2 which is salads and dressings. I have already done his week 1 which was kitchen set up/equipment, knife skills, ingredients, F.A.S.S/the chefs table, recipe building, spice charts, meal/menu planning which I am still trying to master the art of menu planning, prep planning and shopping.

I bought some wooden bowls last week so I will post a pic of those but I will post it tomorrow.
I really need to get my kitchen scrubbed through and things organised better so I am thinking of making a start with that tomorrow also..going to be a busy ole day tomorrow.

That is all for now so I will be back tomorrow with pics.


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