Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Finally Made A Start....

On my kitchen. I pulled out my American fridge freezer and my shelves and cleaned under that lot, I still need to clean on top of my fridge freezer but I need the step ladders for that.
I have brought some plastic storage boxes down from upstairs and I now have them on the shelves with raw items inside; one box full of superfoods, the other with chocolate making products and the other with jars and packets. My next task is to pull the washing machine out and clean behind and under that. I am one of these people that like to know that under and behind things is clean....the places we can't see daily.
I now have the dishwasher going.
Still loads to do.

I still need to take a pic of my gorgeous wooden bowls and they were a bargain!

Breakfast: Strawberry & Banana Smoothie
Snacks: Banana

I dozed off for 3 hours today:(

Back later today!!


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