Friday, 17 August 2012


Over the last few days despite taking prescribed medication I have been suffering with rather bad acid reflux.
I am back to raw as of today, supposed to be a few days ago but it didn't feel right so today is THE day. Being back on raw should help with the acid.

I popped to town this morning to buy some groceries for the family.
I have been admiring some black pants/trousers that my mam has been wearing lately and whilst in town I noticed that the shop that sells tham had my size back in stock; size 18...oh no! But true so I bought two pairs. I am pleased with them because they are smart and fit so comfortably. I am now working my way to the next size down.

I also went to Asda and bought some Organic cabbage and carrots for making sauerkraut. I also bought a white cabbage, so coleslaw is on the menu.
I wanted some organic carrot juice but the stores dont stock it...madness! So I decided to buy a couple of bags of carrots, I suppose buying the carrots is better anyway because once juiced I can use the pulp for raw crackers or raw carrot cake etc, and not forgetting that I also bought some brown coconuts which I am going to de-meat and grind the meat up for coconut milk, macaroons etc....loads of things. So, that is about it for this morning.

The sun is shinning for now which is nice.
The kale etc that I planted a few weeks ago don't seem to be growing...not happy about that! Kale is hardy which also made me think that it would be easy to grow, not for me it isn't.

I am going to have some strawberry and banana smoothie now.

Back later today!


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