Wednesday, 19 September 2012


My evening meal on Monday, served in one of my new wooden bowls, which I STILL haven't taken a pic of...doh!

I had Romaine, Nectarines, Fresh Figs, Mushrooms, Grated Carrots and Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber and Alfalfa...YUMCIOUS!
I did also add a dash of vegan mayo mixed with a little Dijon mustard and then I sprinkled nutritional yeast on top.

My snacks over the last couple of days have been a wedged apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter.
I am planning on having spring rolls wrapped around some veg for my evening meal tonight.

I still haven't got on with the Russell James week one....I MUST! Before I have to move onto week two.

I have been busy helping my husband in his loft these last few days which is good exercise.

Forgot to say, I walked into town and back last week...WooHoo - my poor old feet suffered and are still suffering with blisters because I had to wear new-ish shoes...I HATE new shoes...I must be the only woman who HATES having to have new shoes...teehee

I can't remember if I told you that my 2 year old Cuisinart Elite broke down on me a few weeks ago?...BooHoo - Anyway, I received a brand spanking new Cuisinart Elite from Cuisinart a week later....WooHoo Very pleased with Cuisinart for doing that. I had registered the broken Cuisinart when I purchased it and Cuisinart give a 20 year guarantee, doesn't get any better than that!!

For my evening meal I had spring rolls with Alfalfa sprouts, sweetcorn, julienned Carrot and Avocado rolled into the wrappers, I enjoyed them very much! For afters I had Coconut yogurt and fruit, pictured below.

I found this new Coconut yogurt a month or so ago at the Nutricentre but when I was there again last Friday I bought the plain AND then I also found the new Chocolate flavour.

These are really nice although a tad pricey. The plain 400g tub is £4.99 and the small 125g tub is £1.99.
Finally here is a pic of the wooden bowls that I bought a few months ago. These were a bargain. I would like to go up for a few more, there is a wooden fruit bowl that I would like to get, maybe I wil get there before they stop selling them or run out of stock. I bought them from a wholesalers type place and they seem to get new and different things in all the time.
These are GORGEOUS in the real!

Straight Sided Bowl (25cm) - £5.24
Salad Bowl (30cm) - 6.74
2 x Small Bowls (15cm) - £1.49 each
2 x Straight Bowls (15cm) 1.49 each
TOTAL £21.53 inc VAT

I had to go to Asda this afternoon to take a bag of sausages back because when I opened them to start preparing my family's evening meal the sausages were stuck together with ice crystals, they were frozen anyway but it wasn't right for them to be covered in ice crystals, they were also covered in freezer burn and didn't look right at all, to me it looked like thy had been re-frozen and there was no way I was going to feed my family those...NO WAY!
Asda did give us a new bag of the frozen they should!

Well, I think that is all for today so I will be back tomorrow!
Night, night


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