Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Name

I have given my blog a new name, 'Real Raw Housewife' this pretty much covers it and I am trying to give myself a boost with a new title, and why not?

I weighed in this morning, not good.

A pic for today. My eldest son all suited up.
He had been to his girlfrinds sisters wedding and he popped in to our home so I could take this picture of him.

Back throughout the day.

I had 2 bananas throughout the morning and for lunch I had 1 apple and a little bit of peanut butter. I am thinking of a salad for my evening meal and I might try my hand at my own salad dressing, I've never made my own dressing before but I am feeling that it might be alright after following Russell James's course.
I made Russell James' salad sprinkles, well, I made 2 of them; spicy sunflower seeds and the tamarind and maple cashews, they are lovely but I have to confess to leaving the spices out....teehee so the sunflower seeds were garlic and onion sunflower seeds and I of course left the spices out of the cashews....well, I aint no spice girl...teehee
I will put up pics up of them today. There are some more things from week one I want to make then I need to move onto week 2 for this blog. I have already watched his vids and read the recipes but I just want to share what I think on here.

I seriously need to get stuck into some housework, my mother is popping round tomorrow so I want the house more we do when our mothers are popping round eh?!


Here is the pic of Russell James' recipe of spicy sunflower seeds and tamarind maple cashews.

I made my salad for my evening meal, picture below.

I sprinkled on some of the sunflower seeds on top of my salad which gave the salad a lovely flavour and a little crunch. These seeds are very morish.
I made my dressing but I did add too much apple cider vinegar (ACV) maybe I should have just used lemon.
I blended up half an avocado, ACV, herbamare a dash of agave and then for flavour I added onion powder, I decided then to add a little olive oil also. The dressing was very nice and went well with the salad but as I said, a tad vinegary!

I then made a dessert that Mrsleafygreens has on her You Tube.
Figs, strawberries and covered with puréed banana. I added a little vanilla powder in with the banana which has given it that brownish colour but once again it tasted like I added a little too much vanilla powder for my liking....I think I might be a tad heavy handed...teehee

Well I have been all raw today!

I am now going to make Adam some packed lunch for tomorrow because he is at college all day tomorrow.

Back tomorrow


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