Friday, 28 September 2012

Oh Dear!

I got up this morning at 8.00am to see Adam off to college and then I hopped back into bed and would you believe it but I slept until 1.00pm...Oh Dear! The last time I done that I was a teenager but I certainly must have needed it.

I have had a banana today and I am planning on making a few things which I will put on here later today.

We are experiencing internet problems today, we have informed the provider and they have detected a problem which they are going to sort out within 48 hours, so here's hoping the get it sorted quick because I am trying to publish this post and it is giving me jip.

Well, I have managed to post the pics below so I am going to chat about them before it wont let me post again.

These are Russell James' Lemon and Garlic mushrooms all prepared for the dehydrator.

Russel James broccoli sprinkled with nutritional yeast ready for the dehydrator also.

I decided to make broccoli salad using the left over broccoli stalk which I grated along with carrot, I then put on a little vegan mayonnaise, I then decided to mash a little bit of avocado and mix that in also.
I made some lemon water by squeezing fresh lemon juice into filtered water, the lemon was left over from making the mushrooms. I added a few drops of orange oil into the lemon water also...yum and very refreshing.

VOILA! My evening meal. Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Russell James' sunflower sprinkles, broccoli and mushrooms and my broccoli salad. This was really nice although a tad oily, I think I should have patted as much of the oil off as I could, I will next time but over all this salad was DELCIOUS!
Back tomorrow


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