Monday, 17 September 2012

Pick Myself Up.....

Dust myself down and start all over again! So here I am.

I have had a strawberry and banana smoothie for breakfast.
RIGHT! This is it....I am going to get this thing going, get this raw nailed!

Anyway, what has been happening? First of all the roofer guy has been and removed our chimney stack and installed the loft window. We still have a little more work to do in the loft i.e. insulation and one or two of the beams are to be slightly altered but that is all that is left to do which is nothing compared to getting the chimney stack removed and window installed. We plan on having another window installed, maybe next year but it wont be half as much work because there is no chimney stack to remove, just a window to install, but at least now the main part is done. I had noticed that our chimney stack was not looking too great and because we have a cemetery at the back of our house it leaves our house quite exposed and we get battered with wind and rain and I was becoming quite worried incase the chimney stack blew down. I asked the roofer what he thought about the conditon of the chimney and he said, "well, it has certainly seen better days." We are both pleased it's down as it served no purpose anymore. We used to use the chimney when we had solid fuel heating but now that we have gas the fireplace is not used.

I done a big grocery shop on Friday so I am stocked up with lots of gorgeous, yummy, healthy foods again.
I am going to get started with Russell James' salad extra's from his main course. I also now have Russell James' full Dessert course, so we will have to see what my desserts turn out like also.

Oh! Here are two pics that I drew when I was 18 years old.
They are from War of the Worlds.

I will be back later today with pics of meals etc


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