Thursday, 7 June 2012

Raw Body, Mind & Spirit 66 Day -DAY 1

Weather this morning: It was sunny but is turning a little overcast, apparently rain is forecast for this afternoon.

I am feeling tired this morning. I haven't been sleeping too great for the last two nights, stress maybe! I will see how I feel as the day goes on but I am hoping to gain lots of energy in time with my raw lifestyle/commitment.

I was up at 6.30am, fed the cats and then into the shower for my usual morning shower, no hair wash this morning, I am washing my hair every other day whereas I used to wash it daily.

Thursday is my official weigh in day so I jumped...not literally...teehee onto my scales and it measured all the necessaries; Weight, Body fat, BMI, Body water etc, details can be found here on my Weigh In page.

I have eaten a banana up to now. My stomach is rumbling and I am feeling a tad hungry so I am thinking of having a couple more banana's. I have some watermelon juice in the fridge that I juiced on Tuesday evening, it made two jars, I had a jar yesteday morning and although it was nice it didn't taste great to me, nothing wrong with it just no sweetness, I think I left it sitting too long before juicing it. I have a jar left in the fridge so I could have that but I'm not sure, might just stick with the bananas this morning and chuck the watermelon juice.

Last night I had my stone grinder going and I ground some raw almonds, I made this partly to make quick almond milk. I finished growing alfalfa sprouts which are now in the fridge. I sort of cleaned out my fridge so I can see what is in there and to hand.

I fell asleep for about 2 1/2 hours. I have decided not to deny myself and try and force myself to stay awake when I am feeling the way I do, if I need to nap then I will.
I am at my GP's tomorrow to ask for a blood test to confirm as to whether I am going through menopause or not and if I am then that will explain a lot, the tiredness for starters. I have been getting lots of symptoms for a couple of years now and something needs to be done or confirmed.
I'm getting hungry now and I am thinking of doing spring roll wraps, raw of course although I don't think the sheets are raw but raw foodies do eat them. I watched Michelle K make them.

I make delicious vegan spring rolls with an incredible Peanut sauce-you have to try this.

Spring roll wrapper and veggies for filling
P-nut sauce:
1/2 organic Almond butter or peanut butter
1/4 cup water
1 Tbs fresh lemon juice
1 Tbs raw honey or agave nectar
1 clove garlic minced and about teaspoon minced ginger
dash of cayenne and pinch of salt
blend together for a fantastic dipping sauce

I made the spring rolls and peanut sauce for lunch and it was DEEEEELICOUS!! I have developed quite a penchant for spring rolls, infact, so much so I had them for my evening meal also, a fruity version.


Not the best piccy, I have been using macro as per hubby suggested, and this is the result...BAH HUMBUG

Here is my fruity evening meal:

Nope! I wont be using macro again....humff

The sauce I made by whipping up in the vitamix the following:
coconut milk
2 Tb lucuma
1 tsp Vanilla
2 Tb Irish moss gel

I then sprinkled a little bit of strawberry powder on top of the sauce...YUUUUMMY!
In the spring rolls I put sliced grapes, banana's, blueberries and finely sliced apple. The list is endless of the things I could have put into the rolls but that was about all I had available.

I have put the rest of the sauce mixture into the fridge and it is now setting a lot better , so that will be a dessert or snack for tomorrow.

Well, that is about all for today, so I will be back tomorrow.


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