Thursday, 28 June 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 22 AND...

The weather today: Pouring with HUGE rain drops, thunder, grey skies and the fog horn has been going all day. This weather has been like this for days, infact most of June.

OOps! not blogged for a few days..not good!
Weigh day today and I have gone down 2lb which IS good!! I measured my body last week and I will measure again in about a month or so.
I still have not incorporated exercise into my days yet BUT I am being more active with more housework, my housework rota which is what I am sure has helped with the 2lb weight loss this week but I of course want to lose inches too, so exercise is a must really!

What am I up to? Well, I have just started a 10 week Raw Chef Academy Course and even just in this first week, I am learning!

This week I am learning about:
Setting up my kitchen.
Setting myself up for success.
Setting up my store cupboards, fridge and freezer.
Knife skills.
Flavour balancing.
Meal planning.
We also learn about substituting elements to make our own recipe.

So as you can see, there is a lot in the first week. After I have finished this course I am thinking of doing Russell James' Raw Dessert course.

Right then, I might get back tonight but if not then I will get back tomorrow.
Over this weekend I will be making a Russell James recipe and a recipe that we had to change/substitute elements, so watch out for that.


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