Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I have been feeling rather flat lately and unfortunately still am, I don't know why, keep feeling a tad weepy also....ummm....puzzled as to why but, I just got to keep trying to bounce back, I can't give up!

I have decided to re-start and re-name my challenge. I need to give myself more of a reason instead of just, a 66 day challenge.
 I have been thinking on the lines of, 'Raw Body, Mind & Spirit 66 Day Challenge'. I need to help myself and I know that exercise and eating raw will help in all these area's, and the title, 'Body, Mind & Spirit' might just spur me on and remind me who I am doing this for, who I WANT to do this for...ME! So I think tomorrow is the day to start this NEW challenge.

The weather over these last few days has been dull and rainy, and today we had thunder and huge down pours...not suprised!

So there you have it, my NEW, 'Raw Body, Mind & Spirit 66 Days' commences tomorrow, Thursday 7th June 2012

'Raw Body, Mind & Spirit 66 Days'
For the 66 day's I MUST consume only raw foods and if I am craving something processed I must make something raw to replace the processed craving. I always feel a tad ill after consuming processed food so I know it does me no favours!

I MUST exercise 3 days out of 7 - This is to increased to 5 days per week.
Exercise can be walking, cycling, exercise machine or DVD at a minimum of 20 minutes which is the standard basic amount of time to exercise albeit daily time but little and often will do good.

I MUST follow my housework and beauty rota's.

I MUST be prepared and write in my daily journal to do book also!!

I might get back later today but if not then I will be back tomorrow.


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