Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 13

Been to the GP and I am indeed perimenopausal...great!..NOT! Well, at least I do not have thyroid trouble, anaemia, kidney trouble and my blood count is fine which I am SOO pleased about! Have you noticed that as we get older we start and really hope we don't have whatever wrong with our bodies but when we were kids we weren't bothered, it just meant we got attention, but gosh! Put a few a few year on us and ARRGHH...PANIC! I'm not panicking now though, it is just the normal things, perimenopausal and NOT something horrible...WOOOOHOOOO - I'm happy!

I went for our big grocery shop on Friday, so all stocked up again. Oh! I received a couple of raw orders yesterday.

Raw hot hocolate drink
Vanilla, almond Snakaroons
1kg Raw almonds
3bags Durian, freeze dried
He Shou Wu
Almond flat bread
Cherry extract/oil
Coconut wraps
Sacred chocolate, milk chocolate heart
Gynostemma tea
Box 12 raw chocolates

I took a few pics of my grandchildren also

Ebony aged 7 years
Ellie aged 5 years (6 in December)
Michael aged 3 years (4 in July)

I asked Michael to give grandma a smile and this is what I got...teehee - typical little monkey.
He has some of those water slide kiddy tattoo's stuck on his arms, unfortunately he likes them, they just wash off of course but I would sooner have not allowed him to have those.
Michael's T shirt has, 'My life my rules' printed on it...yep, that's about right for little Michael.
Michael doesn't have a snotty nose, he fell over and banged his little top tip....awwww

AHA....I got my smile from Michael...it came out a tad blurry...typical...teehee Michael is standing (above) as if to say.."ta daaa"...teehee

We had the Olympic torch go by the bottom of our avenue; I managed to capture a picture of it.

You can see the flame but not a full picutre because of the tree's.

You can see the torch bearer in the white track suit. The torch flame can be seen better on this photo.

Well, that is all for today so I will be back tomorrow.
Night Night


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