Saturday, 9 June 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 3

Weather: Rain, rain and MORE rain!

Up and showered at the usual time this morning and then we popped to Asda at 8.15am for some groceries. I have stocked up on some fresh produce i.e Kale, Avocado, Pineapple, Spring Onions,Strawberries, Romaine, Courgette, Banana's etc etc. I am doing a big grocery shop next week. I took the boys with me to Asda and of course, kids being kids they want chocolate which mean't going down the sweet aisle, I confess to buying a small bag of Peanut Butter cups which are gone now but I wont let it spoil the rest of my day of raw eating as I would normally. it didn't dawn on me until just now that in future I can just send the boys down that aisle and that way I can avoid the processed, sugary junk altogether...GOOD IDEA!...WOOHOO

I have plenty housework to get through today and I also need to go to my mothers to show her how to go on with her dehumidifier as she calls it....teehee

Back later, I'm off to my mothers now.

I was at my mothers for 2 1/2 hours, I enjoyed being there. I helped her with her dehydrator; she put in pineapple, banana, carrot, kiwi fruit, potato and I also took her some Krazy Kracker 'Got Curry' Kracker mixture/sauce that I had left over from last nights Kracker making. I thought her dehydrator was one of those that didn't have the fan but when she plugged it in and switched it on the fan started, I was so pleased that she bought a dehydrator with the fan! As far as I know the dehydrators without the fan cause too much moisture and can create mould, correct me if I'm wrong.

Here is a pic of some of the Krazy Krackers I made last night: Got Curry are the light brown Krackers and the others are BBQ Krackers and Onion Rings.

Unfortunately I have been eating processed food today which I am not happy with, why am I saying that? I was the one who put that rubbish into my mouth. As I said above, I am doing a big grocery shop this next week and I am always tempted by the rubbish so this is going to be good for me because I fully intend in coming back with NO processed rubbish, lets just see how serious I am, this will be good for me!! I will keep you informed and I will be happy to say that I have NOT bought'll see!! I used to come back with HEAPS of processed rubbish over the years but I would say that over these last 2 years the rubbish has dramatically decreased and often I have not bought rubbish at all.

I popped back to my mothers this afternoon to take her some Krazy Krackers that I had made so she could try them, well, what was left because my youngest son, James has done nothing but sneak to the dehydrator and pinch the 'Got Curry' Krazy Krackers. I don't like spices but I do like these Got Curry Krackers.

Well, it is now 9.03pm so I think it is an early night, I am shattered.



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