Friday, 8 June 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 2

Weather today is dull, overcast and raining and apparently it is in for the day.

Up and out of bed at 6.30am and under the shower, hair washed.
I have had a banana for Breakfast and I am going to have a juice later with some wheatgrass mixed in; I'm going to drink wheatgrass daily.
I have my doctors appointment later today.

Oh! The sweet sauce/pudding I made yesterday doesn't seem to want to firm up, maybe because it was more coconut milk, ah well, I can still eat/drink it.

I have just taken the sauce/pudding out of the fridge and it has set, a soft set but set, I have just eaten it for breakfast also.

I fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours today.
I went for my doctors appointment this afternoon but I have to go back next week to have bloods taken to check for menopause. The doctors don't take blood at the appointments we always have to go back for the nurse to take our bloods....ummm - it's always been the case.

My mother wants help with her dehydrator tomorrow; I am not sure whether she is coming here or I'm going there but anyway, I am thinking of making some Krazy Krackers for her tonight in my dehydrator. I need to pop out for a few groceries tomorrow also.

This morning I have eaten a banana and the coconut sauce/pudding and that was it until about 30 minutes ago when I made more spring rolls for my evening meal.
It has rained all day today by the way....hummfff

Well that is all for today so I will be BACK TOMORROW.


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