Tuesday, 28 January 2014

OOps! I Did It Again!

Yep, I was up bright and early and out the house at 6.55am and walked the same walk :) It felt harder this morning because my legs were already sore from yesterday, but walked it I did :) AND GUESS WHAT? I'm doing it again tomorrow morning!

I am thinking of drinking juices and smoothies tomorrow, actually I am thinking of drinking juices because I can never think of what to eat except for salads. I have stacks of raw food recipe books and DVD's but for some reason always end up eating salad...SOOO! What I am going to do is create a menu plan for me. I am also going to choose some things that I want to make over this coming weekend and get some things into that good ole dehydrator; crackers, kale chips and maybe make some things for the freezer. 
Russell James' course has a module on meal/menu planning, a good place to start me thinks.
Creating the menu plan will take me a day or two but when I have it sorted I will blog it here.

I love having plans, rota's and being organised! I love to know whats what.

I confess to taking a 2 hour nap after my walk this morning, I hate napping but it was needed :)
Nothing really to report about today, infact, these last two days have been rather quiet.

Thankyou to Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth  for your very kind and encouraging comments, I truly appreciate them :)

I will be back tomorrow, as quiet as it may be :)


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

to be raw is to be organized. It could take days to create just one meal

Raw Bluebells said...

Yes I absolutely agree with you. I am slowly getting things more organised in my life, starting with morning walks, but once I have my menu plan sorted then I will know when and what to sprout or start preparing for the meal in the week or next day. I will get there :)
Hugs x

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