Thursday, 16 January 2014

Excited For Tomorrow...

Oh! Yes I am. I am because I am getting back on track as of tomorrow, Friday 17 January 2014...WooHoo

I done our big grocery shop yesterday, Wednesday so I am well stocked and for some reason excited:)

I placed a small order to 'Detox Your World' on Wednesday which arrived today; 24 hour delivery...FABULOUS!

I also received, 'Shazzie's Detox Delights' recipe book for nice of them AND that's not all! I received a voucher code from 'Detox Your World' for £15 off my order...WOW! How absolutely LOVELY of them!!
I have one friend voucher code for anyone that wants to use it. I think it can be use internationally. This code will have to be used by January 31st. Let me know in the comments if you would like it!

Tomorrow I am going to have Tomato and Basil soup. I bought the soup from Costco. It has no preservatives in it AT ALL! Which is good and it is a good gentle introduction back to raw.

Thankyou to Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth  for your lovely comment. I have left a reply in my comments. I did try to leave a comment on your blog but it wouldn't let me (
Thankyou again xo :)

I am going to be blogging daily now!

Back tomorrow.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I'm so glad you finally posted. For some reason I lost your blog as I was trying to comment.

Always remember... You Are Not Alone!!!! and folks aren't entitled to your awesomeness just because they lucked up to share some DNA with you

Raw Bluebells said...

You are such a lovely lady! Thankyou for leaving such encouraging comments, I truly appreciate them!

It can feel lonely sometimes but your words are words that I will remember, they are not entitled to my awesomeness! WELL SAID!!
They feel like they are entilted to say and do what they want against me and I have to shut up and put up, and when I do say something they always turn it around and say, "Linda is being funny again." why should I allow them to put me down SOO much!
I/WE are too awesome to allow ourselves to be treat like that!!
Hugs x

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