Saturday, 1 February 2014

A New Month

February already! :) I popped out this morning because I wanted to buy a couple of pairs of trousers. These trouser aren't expensive but very comfortable and great for walking in. I bought a size 20 and a size 18...amazing because the bigger the clothes the more they cost; the size 20 was £7 and the size 18 was £6...another good reason to lose weight; clothes are less expensive because less fabric is used in making them, it is a bit prejudice against the larger lady.

After going into town for my trousers my husband and I went along to Asda for some groceries. I still have some groceries to put away but for now I am here typing this. My hubby is at our eldest son, Michael's home helping him with his motorbike. My hubby will be bringing our eldest grandson, Michael back with him because little Michael stays here every Saturday until Sunday night :)

I hunted my Fitness watch out which I am going to use when we do our daily walks.

I actually bought this in 2009 and have never really used it but come Monday it will be upon my wrist :)
Oh! By the way, myself and my youngest son, James done our walk again on Thursday...WhooHoo! So that was 4 days in a row of walking...WooHoo.

I am hoping to get some raw goodies made. I was looking up Larabar recipes yesterday which I will be making, and hopefully some kale chips and crackers etc.

I took some body measurements yesterday which I will post along with weights, I will do that later today or tomorrow.

That is me for now. I might be back later today or tomorrow.


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