Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My raw hauls

Well, I bought some new batteries for my Fitness watch, so that is now all sorted for exercise and walking.

I received my raw food haul from Raw Living and Indigo Herbs

I succeeded in crushing the kale chips into tiny little pieces :( Oh Dear!

I also received a parcel today for 'Slim In 6', not for the diet plan AND exercise but for the exercises, I will have to be careful with my knees but this routine looks pretty good. I intend to continue doing our morning walks also.

One other little thing I purchased recently are jicama seeds. We can't buy jicama here in the UK so I am going to try my hand at growing these. The seeds were quite pricey at £5 + for seven seeds but hopefully it will be worth it, bearing in mind, I am not green fingered...oops! I will have to Google it :)
And that is pretty much the end of my hauls of late until whenever.

I still need to sort out a raw menu plan for myself.

Today has consisted of mainly housework. I am rather tired today so I am thinking an early night might be in order.

Back tomorrow peeps! :)


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