Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Shopping Haul

I have been trying to upload these photos since Friday evening but they just would not upload, so I asked my youngest son to upload them through his computer and they went on...woohoo. I think the problem is with my computer :(

We done our big grocery haul and I also had a bit of a shopping spree on Friday (Valentines Day) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I don't have spending spree's often.

Above, New bedding....BEAUTIFUL!

I bought new lined curtains for my livingroom. I have hung them and they are GORGEOUS! So much better than our previous livingroom curtains.
I also spotted milk bottles with stoppers that I am going to use for my nut milks.

New tea, coffee and sugar containers. The LED lights are for my conservatory. My husband attached them just along the edge of the ceiling of our conservatory, they are SOOO pretty in the dark and a nice delicate feature.
A turbo brush for cleaning awkward little spaces, and lots of other bits and pieces.


Back later with todays photos and update.


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