Friday, 30 August 2013

Weigh In

I lost this week...SOO HAPPY!! Check out my 'Weigh In' page to see all the results for this weeks weigh in.

I am planning on drinking more juice today, and I must move more, exercise! :)

I have been so busy today, I vacuumed the whole house, steam cleaned the kitchen floor which I have taken to doing every night so as not to encourage any ants or such like, so by vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen floor nightly there wont be any particles of food lying around and the floor has been sanitised by steaming. I put detol in the water for my steamer...smells so clean!!!
I cleaned my bathroom and cleaned the upstairs and downstairs loo's, I got the dishwasher going and put that lot away and just cleaned other areas of my home.

I started sprouting a jar of alfalfa sprouts and I made some cheesey sauce a day or so ago and tonight I washed some kale and made kale chips...YUM!!

Night Night.


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