Sunday, 25 August 2013

In Drafts

I had wrote a blog post a couple of days ago about the scummy neighbours we seem to have now, but at the moment I am debating as to whether to publish the post or not, but in the meantime things have been okay.
I weighed in on Friday and I am using that as my start weight because over the previous week I still just could not get myself motivated, well, until I stepped on the scales again and now I am motivated:)

We are having a new conservatory built and the foundations have been started...WooHoo. We aren't having a huge conservatory, just average size I think. I didn't want a huge conservatory because I like as much garden as I can get but a new conservatory was definitely on the cards and now it is in progress.

We bought it from a lovely couple. My hubby went to the persons home a week or two ago and had to take it down, the guy helped also which was so nice of him! This is it at the previous folks home who we bought it from.

I will of course takes photos when it has been erected here at my home.

I have hung laundry up on the line today and am hoping it doesn't rain. I have washed a load of laundry also. I have cleaned one of my kitchen cupboards, so a tad busy I have been.

All I have managed to eat today is a banana...Oops! I am finally going to use my new Tefal Fresh Express later :) AND I am going to pull up some of the beetroot I have growing in my garden.

Checked the beetroots but they are still small so I haven't pulled them up, actually, I don't know when I am supposed to pull them up. I could see that they weren't ready by what was showing above the ground.

Back tomorrow.


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