Saturday, 31 August 2013

Last Day

The last day of August and I am ready for a new month, bring on September!!
I am setting myself challenges for September of which I am hoping will carry on permanently, well, not the Christmas one as that comes but once a year, from September to December anyway :)
Here is my September challenge list:

NO to sugary processed snack foods, only the raw sweet snack foods.
YES to exercise or movement each day.
YES to start jewellery making.
YES to meal planning for myself and my family.
YES to drinking 1.5 to 2 ltr of water each day, doing it slowly.
YES to drinking more herbal tea's instead of coffee.
YES to starting Christmas shopping.
YES to blogging at least every other day.

Check out the YES list, a positive word, YES, although the NO will amount to a positive!
I will print this list out and stick it somewhere I will see it everyday and often throughout the day, infact, I will print a couple of them out!

The avenue has been rather gorgeous and quiet today, much like it was when we purchased our house, and all because one family hasn't been home all day...WOW!!! What a difference one family makes just by not being there....AMAZING!!

I've just printed out September challenges and I am going to run a line of the non permanent glue along the back and stick one on the computer monitor and the other in my kitchen.

The kitchen had that lovely cheesey kale aroma in it this morning. When the boys got up James came to me later in the morning and asked, "Mam, can I get more of the kale?" I didn't even tell him it was ready, he just loves it, so does my other son...FAB!

Right then, that is me for today.

Back tomorrow, 1st September 2013 :)


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