Sunday, 14 October 2012

We Are SOOO.....

Busy! We have been buying things to get James' and our bedrooms re-vamped i.e. skimming plaster, new carpets etc. We have also bought rather heavy and thick wooden posts to strengthen our fence in the back garden and to make new posts for our front garden gate, my husband is going to alter our front iron gates to make them larger to keep the local kids out of our property...WoooHooo
I also bought the tiles for the kitchen for under our kitchen wall cupboards, and new under cupboard lights. I have bought a chair for my living room that will match my settee and footstool because when we got our settee and footstool we didn't buy the chair, we just used our old chair with a matching throw over it, I hate throws so I decided to take the plunge and buy the matching chair, it wont be delivered for a little while yet but I'm sure it will be worth it because it will make the living room look fab!
We went out today to a wholesalers and bought a new pre-lit Christmas tree, it was a great price, 7ft pre-lit Christmas tree for £119.99 pretty good price and the tree is so realistic and full, not like my old tree which is now 20+ years old and has become more sparse over the years, a new tree was definitely on our Christmas list.
I also bought a few other bits and pieces over these last few days, a new floor steamer, my other steamer broke, a soup maker for the family, a dust buster hand held vacuum for those little places and also to vacuum all the little bits that are difficult to get to i.e. in my dehydrator, my dehydrator gets quite bitty and can be awkward to get all the little bits from the corners...problem solved now.
we have also done quite a bit of Christmas shopping. So, as you can tell we have had a good ole spending spree.
I received my order from Raw Living last week, I love receiving orders from Raw Living!

I will take pics of everything over the next few days and post them on here, so watch out for those!

We are busy doing James' bedroom which we are hoping to have finished by next weekend, I hope so because the house is a mess and everything out of James' bedroom is piled anywhere and everywhere but I am going to have to sort things out because we have booked our annual gas boiler service and the guy is coming on Tuesday, so I am going to have to make some room for him to get near the boiler; the boiler is in a big cupboard in our bedroom, that was the only place that it could be put when we had it installed which is rather inconvenient for us and the gas engineer has to go into our bedroom to service it...not happy about that but needs must.

My Mam and step Dad wanted us to go around for lunch today but my husband just wants to get on with the work around here. My Mam has given us a load of floor tiles so we are going to get those layed at some point...more work but always good to improve things. We have laminate flooring on our kitchen floor but the floor tiles will be much nicer I feel! They are a beige colour and are GORGEOUS!! And they will match my wall tiles.

My raw is a tad erratic with everything going on at the moment but I am sticking and doing as well as I can, actually I haven't been eating as much lately, probably because we have been in and out of the house a lot lately trying to get the house nice and ready for Christmas, I think the work will be done in time.

I done a big grocery shop at Costco last week so I am once again stocked up on the fruit and veg! LOVE IT!

Well, that is it for today so I am going to get on with the evening meal and start to think about winding down the day and watching TV in bed.

Back tomorrow.


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