Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oh My!

Well the back garden fence post is finally done so I don't need to worry about the wind blowing it down now, such a relief! It was one of those jobs that we kept putting off...always something better to buy or do...or so we thought until we just decided to get on with things.
James' bedroom is skimmed and is now being painted....WOW!  It is starting to look GREAT! Fresh and bright!
We have now also got the kitchen floor tiles which are a GORGEOUS light colour, brand new, in the boxes off my Mam, my Mam and step Dad couldn't be bothered with the hassle of laying them in their kitchen so gave them to us, THANKYOU BOTH!!....WooHoo! This house is going to be SOO bright and fresh looking when it is completely done. We have been re-vamping and re-newing things in our home since 2007 which started with our back garden which involved hiring 4 skips which we filled with soil that was at the top of our garden so now our garden is flat and since then we have been re-vamping loads on and off.

I am going to struggle with meal preparing when we are fitting the kitchen floor tiles because we are taking the base units out to tile from wall to wall and then when that is done we will put the base units back in and then install the under cupboard lights and tile the walls under the cupboards so I wont be able to use my kitchen much at all whilst that work is being done.....ummm After James' bedroom is done we are then going to get straight on with our bedroom and then the kitchen, at least I have a few weeks before my kitchen is out of service.
After this work is done then all my home is skimmed or tiled so in future it wont involve so much mess and work, all it will involve is a lick of paint...phew! Oh! Except I am going to have to have the stair and landing carpet replaced but I might leave that until sometime next year, need to save some more money up I think.

Back later.


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