Sunday, 28 October 2012

My New Kitchen

We have actually started laying the flooring in the kitchen..WooHoo! Also the under cupboard lights are now installed, well, except one which is at the other side of the kitchen, so we will get to that light as we get over that side of the floor.

My Mam and step Dad visited this morning to try to help with the cutting of the tiles, my step Dad brought his Exact Saw but we had already bought an electric tile cutter yesterday so all is well as far as tile cutting is concerned. My hubby LOVES his new tile cutter!!

I managed to get into my kitchen...ONLY JUST to make an evening meal and set the dishwasher away but that was it, the kitchen is so much out of use but the work should be considerably further on in the week, can't wait!!
We decided to do the kitchen before doing our bedroom next because I want the kitchen finished before our next big grocery shop...made sense to me.

I know that I still need to take some pics and upload them, I haven't forgot.

Well, that is me for today but I will be back tomorrow.


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