Saturday, 27 October 2012

Busy Blog...

At the moment, not a lot of raw foodism going on, trying though but I can't get into my kitchen....BooHoo.
We took my Mam and step Dad to JTF Wholesalers today, we needed to buy a tile adhesive spreader. We didn't get a lot of kitchen flooring done today, a day wasted but when we got home we decided to start only to waste a tile trying to cut it with a push tile cutter...grrr so my hubby went to B&Q to purchase an electric tile cutter, it is the only thing that is going to cut floor tiles. Tomorrow we are getting up and getting on to try and get some flooring done.....I need to be able to use my kitchen, I can't even get to my fridge/freezer.
James' bedroom is done, he is THRILLED to bits with it!! Except I do still need to buy him a new light shade. We were going to do our bedroom before the kitchen but we have decided to get the kitchen over and done with. After the kitchen is finished we are then going to get our bedroom done and then paint Adams bedroom and the stairs and landing, then  it is onto the front gates then insulating the loft.
My house is such a mess with all the work going on....I don't like mess! It will be great when everything is done, it's worth the mess to improve things!

Oh! We had snow last night...we were cozy in the house. The clocks go back tonight

I will be back tomorrow even if it is to report how the work is coming along.


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