Sunday, 29 May 2011

Day 59 Doggy & Update

Well, We have been quite busy lately because we have a new dog. He is a German Shepherd (sp) or Alsation as they used to be called. He is 16 months old and has a lot of puppy ways and he is called Hector. He needs lot of walks which is one of the reasons I thought a new pet would be good and BOY!  Is he making me walk?! We have just come back from a long walk. We let him off his lead for the first time, I was quite worried incase he ran off but he was great and stayed right beside us but when we got onto the field he had a good run around and amazingly he actually wore himself out and my 15 year old son, Adam was running faster then him at the finish.
He hates the vacuum and tries to bite it, he also hates the phone and guards it whenever anyone walks past it, he also hates the shredder and the loft ladders....he is so DAFT!
He is a loyal friend and a great walking companion!

Okay, to other things. It is still windy here in the UK and it is driving me batty. We have had wind most days for weeks now.

Here are some photo's - Oh! And I will get a pic of our dog on here, maybe later today.

New Books and DVD, the DVD came with the 'Going Raw' book.

A few cutesies, and check out that garlic's PINK!

A mango splitter and worth every penny....this is BRILLIANT! Check out the next pic.

Brillaint or what??

A mini chopper I bought at Costco, we all need a mini chopper!

Grains. I have finely found somewhere that stocks Rye, spelt and Kamut grain and oatgroats. I was so pleased.

I found these Tomeberries in Costco. I have never seen them before so I had to buy and try. They are very nice!

Here is a pic of a Beef tomato, salad tomato and the tomberries. I didn't have any cherry tomatoes to compare size but these tombarries are even smaller than cherry tomatoes and FABULOUS in salads.

I have some sliced Aubergine (eggplant) dehydrating as crackers. I put some of the slices in Olive oil and nutritional yeast to make a cheesy cracker and they are yummy! They are still dehydrating but hey! I had to try one, two, three before they are done....the beauty of raw foods.

I decided to do a little video of the pooch. He is a right lemon. He has a habit of diving/jumping up at us at the moment, mind you, I did sort of aggrevate him, you will see him do his dive at the end of the video - FORTUNATELY I live to tell the tale....teehee

Oh! By the way, the pink flip flops are chew flops....teehee

Back later.


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