Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Better Day, BUT!

I started the day off really well with raw BUT because I wasn't organised....YET! I didn't go raw all day.
I am going to have a look through my favourite raw meals and plan what to have for tomorrows meals. I STILL haven't done a menu plan....I NEED TO GET ORGANISED!!

My food today:
11.30am Banana
1.30pm Banana
2.30pm Persimmon
4.00pm A bought salad which consisted of chicken and bacon and a dressing...TUT!
7.00pm Banana
8.15pm 6 Crumpets, toasted and local honey

I had rather a productive day today and I succeeded in getting nearly everything done that I planned to do, except for cleaning the kitchen radiator which I will do tomorrow, so no problem there.


  • Clean 1 window, inside and out.
  • Clean 1 window blind. (I cleaned the worst blind in the whole house; kitchen blind)
  • Clean 1 radiator.
  • I also cleaned the patio doors inside and out which is one of tomorrows jobs.
  • I also done 3 loads of laundry
Tonight  after all my jobs were done I coloured my hair, I used a slightly lighter colour which might help as the grey roots come through again, I am hoping that they wont be as noticeable as quickly because of being slightly lighter...time will tell.

Feeling good about getting most things done and especially that my grey is now covered...I feel I look younger again :)
Feeling a tad let down with myself for not being orgainsed...must do better!

Get organised..plan!

Well that is me for today, short and sweet but I will be back tomorrow.


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