Friday, 4 October 2013

82 Days To Christmas and...

My Christmas challenge.
The number or numbers 82 is quite significant to me because I married my husband on the 28th day and in the year 82 and today is 82 days to Christmas so I have decided to start my challenge as of today.

I also want to talk about something I noticed. As you might know I started drinking lemon water in the mornings and I wasn't having my first cup of coffee until the afternoons, sometimes later in the afternoon 3pm and after. During the days of drinking the lemon water I noticed that I was getting pains in my arms, legs, neck and décolleté area's, I also started getting rather bad headaches which didn't seem to go away. After about a week I ran out of lemons and so started having coffee in the morning and throughout the day, I then immediately noticed that the pains and headache ceased pretty much straight away. This morning although I still haven't been to buy more lemons yet I decided to have a juice drink and didn't get my first cup of coffee until the afternoon and once again I am plagued with another headache and a pain in my right arm....something to do with the coffee me thinks and possibly detox, the reduction in caffeine.

Over the last few days I have been eating processed foods and I have been feeling quite down in the dumps and grumpy, but today I am back to raw for my 82 day raw Christmas challenge and by later this afternoon I started to feel SOO much better and happier!!

I prepared a few raw food about 2 days ago.

Kale for kale chips
Almonds for almond milk
More almonds for granola
Sunflower seeds for granola
Alfalfa seeds for sprouts.


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